“We can lift ourselves out of ignorance, we can find ourselves as creatures of excellence and intelligence and skill.”

– from the book Jonathan Livingston Seagull, a spiritual homily about life and the search for greatness through hard work and personal enlightenment.

The La Vita Living Products symbol – a seagull – is a tribute to the book’s main character who strives to rise above the rest of his flock through persistence and positive thought.

About Us

La Vita Living Products is a South African network distribution company with a wide range of beauty, household and lifestyle products.

The company reaches customers through our network of distributors from around South Africa and beyond.

La Vita Living Products was founded in 1995, and for over 25 years, has been offering our ever- expanding team of independent distributors from all walks of life, an opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial spirit and create their own success.

What We Stand For

La Vita Living Products is not only built on the principles of honesty and integrity, but also with the belief that anyone, no matter their circumstances, can make a success of their lives through hard work and commitment.

The company is dedicated to playing its part in contributing to employment and developing skills that help people improve their lives.

La Vita Living Products believes in its distributors, providing a hands-on, personalised experience where anyone who joins our company will always have the support, infrastructure and tools to build their independent distribution business and create personal achievement.

Our diverse range of products is of the highest quality, offering value-for-money and modern convenience.

Why Choose Us

La Vita Living Products provides any person – no matter their circumstance, education or ability - with an opportunity to start their own business and gain financial independence.

With no joining fee and very little capital needed to start, new entrants to our distribution network enjoy support, professional motivation and advanced access to the necessary skills needed for running a successful business.

The unique La Vita Living Products profit plan is designed to reward our distributors’ hard work and enhance achievement on all levels of the company’s structure.

La Vita Living Products not only presents the perfect choice for helping you get more out of life but also develop the confidence to change your life.