The Big Event: The 25th anniversary La Vita Living Products International Convention

La Vita Living Products is proud to announce the details of a thrilling new convention event in 2020.

In celebration of the company’s 25th anniversary, an all-new La Vita Living Products International Convention will take the fun and excitement of our current Tri-Annual Rallies, mix in some glitz and glamour and create one huge full-day celebration of all things La Vita Living Products.

The La Vita Living Products Tri-Annual Rallies have always been a popular tradition and must-attend events among our growing family of distributors. Launched during the 1990s, the rallies were designed to be occasions of celebration and solidarity.  As the years passed, the events became bigger and more ambitious, but still maintained that strong identity of unity and family. 

With La Vita Living Products founding father Mr. I-Lung Chang, and later his son Managing Director Mr. Steven Chang, on hand to lead the events with inspiring words and strong guidance, each rally was a chance to recognise and reward the excellence of hard-working distributors in the form of the various awards created for the events.  

Above all, though, the rallies were a time to bring the La Vita Living Products family together – both established distributors and new entrants to the organisation- and share knowledge and experiences and inspire growth. The events become proud moments for special individuals associated with our company and moments of revelation for new generations of La Vita Living Products People.

This new massive combined event in 2020 is set to become a testimony to the amazing success and growth our beloved company and its people have enjoyed over the past 25 years, while looking ahead to a bright future of continued progress and prosperity for everyone who has made La Vita Living Products a part of their life.

The International Convention will include workshops, market stalls, product showcases, an interactive expo, an awards ceremony, some incredible live entertainment and top celebrity guest speakers.

It will be a chance for all La Vita Living Products’ distributors to gather, meet and share ideas, as well as celebrate the company’s history and success. It will be an opportunity to bring distributors from all over the country together to praise and learn from each other’s success and plan the way forward for your future.

So, get ready for the biggest celebration this company and this country has ever seen.

The La Vita Living Products Annual International Convention will be held at the Times Square Sun Arena in Menlyn, Pretoria, on 20 July 2020.

The Sun Arena is one of South Africa’s best and biggest modern multipurpose venues for conferences. Perfect for La Vita Living Products and our growing family. Featuring 8,500 seats surrounded by cutting-edge stage technology, the venue has hosted hundreds of world-class events, concerts and conferences, including live shows by Brian McKnight, Joyous Celebration and Lion King, the Miss South Africa pageant and full classical orchestra performances. 

Reserve the date, book your place and be there!

More details for the event, as well as news about La Vita Living Products’ preparations for its 25th anniversary year in 2020, will be revealed over the coming months, but in the meantime, stay updated by following our social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.





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